Ships & Wrecks


Dorset and the Sea Loans Box.

This box contains role play costumes, pulleys, ships wheel and all things nautical, including articles used by the captain and crew.

The box can be borrowed from Dorset County Museum. Tel 01305 262735 or email:

Pulleys, rope etc

Pulleys can be borrowed from Weymouth Museum. Tel 01305 777622

Bussells Chandlers in Weymouth have good, cheap pulleys, blocks and rope offcuts. They provide a service for DCC. 01305 785633


Any local thatching company will sell a bundle of reed or long straw –cheaper than ordering just one bundle from suppliers. Radipole Lake Nature Reserve – the Wardens cut reed at certain times of the year.

Shipwreck Displays

Dorset County Museum has a selection of the artefacts from the wreck of the ‘Halsewell’ and other ship material. See above for contact details.

‘Halsewell’ artefacts can also be found at Langton Matravers Museum 01929 423168 and at St Nicholas’ Church in Worth Matravers

Artefacts from the wreck of the ‘Royal Adelaide’ can be found in Portland Museum; 0305 821804

Artefacts relating to the wreck of the ‘Earl of Abergavenny’ can be found in Weymouth Museum, contact details above.

The Deep Sea Diving Museum in Weymouth has artefacts from ‘The Avalanche’.

The Philpot Museum in Lyme Regis has artefacts from the wreck of ‘HMS Formidable’.