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The Contraband is Landed, Hidden and Distributed

The Contraband is Landed, Hidden and Distributed

Secret Signals

Photo - lanternSmugglers preferred to land their cargo on dark, moonless nights.  On board ship the crew would scan the shore for a signal to tell them when "the coast was clear" and it was safe to approach the land.

When there were very few revenue men patrolling the coast, the smugglers ashore might light a bonfire or use a lantern to signal to the ship, but these signals were dangerous as they could be seen by other people.

In 1816 a labourer from Burton Bradstock was sentenced to 6 months hard labour in Dorchester Gaol for lighting a fire as a signal to a smugglers' ship.

Cigarette card - spout lanternAs smuggling became more dangerous smugglers used a lantern with a spout attached which could funnel the light out to sea and could not be seen

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