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The Earl of Abergavenny
The Avalanche
HMS Formidable
The Halsewell
The Royal Adelaide
The Royal Adelaide

The Royal Adelaide

The Royal Adelaide was sailing from London to Australia with 67 passengers and crew. Many of the passengers, including families, were emigrating, and all that they possessed was stowed on board. The ship also carried a large cargo of goods made in Britain to trade to the colonists.

The Royal Adelaide was caught in severe gales in the Channel. All day the crew struggled to prevent the ship from being washed ashore but late in the afternoon of the 25th November, 1872, it grounded on the Chesil Beach, about 19 metres from the shore. Sixty people were rescued, but one crew member and six passengers were drowned.

Which object do you think came from this ship?

The Photograph
The Lead Seal
The Silver Button
The Shoe
The Stained Glass


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