Welcome to Dorset and the Sea. This educational resource is arranged in three sections as below, each containing a vast amount of historical information in the form of both text and images, together with many activities for school chidren to enjoy as part of their lessons. Also there are extensive notes for teachers with advice on the use of this website in the classroom.

Smuggling and Shipwrecks

Dorset's dramatic ties with the sea are revealed in museums across the county.  This web site enables you to view the collections and enjoy the real-life adventures they represent.

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Ships and Seafaring

Dorset’s long coastline and its harbours have been ideal for boats, ships and trade for over 2,000 years. Until very recently it was much easier to carry goods by sea rather than take them overland.

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Ships, Wrecks and Solutions

More activities - Using the ‘Halsewell’ and the ‘Royal Adelaide’ shipwrecks, work through the drama and DT activities to rescue the passengers and crew. Further DT activities trace the history of boat development and propulsion.